Games LPANE Loves

When you attend an LPANE LAN, it's likely that you'll play at least some of the following games. Here are some of our favorites. Have a game you feel like we should play? Let us know!

  • Unreal Tournament (2k4 and GOTY) - Classic LAN party games. Instagib CTF and Death Match. We have copies of these if you don't have them. They are also available on steam.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - 5v5 custom match and Arms Race mode.
  • Overwatch - We can do custom Match groups of 6v6 depending on the number of people playing.
  • Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II - A free source mod, download it here.
  • Armagetron - Free and open source, download it here.
  • Rocket League - On steam, download it here.
  • Half-Life 2: Death Match - throw toilets at eachother.


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